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Survivor | Episode 3 Preview (BBC One)

The Tribes receive TreeMail, where they must send their quickest thinker to head down to the OutPost for a mission. The two castaways face a moral dilemma revealing a game-changing twist.

They can choose between a big fish, a little fish or a baked potato. The big fish comes with no personal benefit, but a tasty meal for camp with plenty to go around.

The little fish provides a smaller meal for camp, but with it, comes a clue for the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol, as long as this clue is shared with another castaway.

The baked potato comes with very little food for camp, but a clue to a hidden immunity idol with no obligation to share the clue. Will they chose to be honest? or lie to their tribe for their own advantage?

At the immunity challenge, Hot Pursuit, it’s revealed who was voted out at Tribal Council and the tribes put two different strategies to the test in an endurance race through the water, as they battle to stay safe in the game.

Who will win and avoid Tribal Council? And who will become the third person voted out of Survivor?

Survivor continues tonight at 8:25pm on BBC One.


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