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Soon-to-be Strictly star and popstar HRVY has tested positive for COVID-19.

He's believed to have tested positive on Monday and is now isolating until at least next Thursday, 8th October.

It's reported he was not showing any symptoms, and the result was from routine testing done on all the celebrities in the lead up to the series.

A source told The Sun: "This is the last thing Strictly wanted. They’ve been jumping through hoops since day one to make sure everything is done safely and with as minimal risk to the cast and crew as possible."

"But with just ten days until the celebrities are introduced to their partners, this is the worst-case scenario. Bosses have scrapped the replacements this year so if someone falls sick, that’s it, they’re out."

Confirming the news, HRVY tweeted: "hi, wasn’t gonna worry anyone and say anything but now the story’s out, i have coronavirus, I’m all good, no symptoms, just isolating for the next 10 days. already super bored so prepare yourselves for my Tik toks"


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