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Thursday: Four more celebrities joining Strictly Come Dancing 2020 have been revealed.

7. Bill Bailey

Comedian, musician and actor

Bill says: “In these are strange times we're living through, it feels right to do something different and take on a new challenge. So I am delighted to be a part of this year's unique Strictly Come Dancing. My late mum Madrin would have loved it - I hope she'll be watching.”

8. JJ Chalmers

Television presenter, former Royal Marine and Invictus Games medallist.

JJ Chalmers says: “My whole life is defined by facing challenges. Whether it's becoming a Royal Marine Commando, recovering from my injuries sustained in Afghanistan to competing in The Invictus Games. Now as a TV presenter I'm lucky enough to witness some of the greatest sporting contests in the world. Strictly is a whole different ball game in respect to the challenges I will face but I'm up for an adventure and at least my mum will know where I am!”

9. Jamie Laing

Television personality and entrepreneur.

Jamie Laing says: “Here we go again, hopefully this time I can last long enough so my mum can see me dance. The reason I’m doing it, is to make my mum proud but all I did last year was make her even more disappointed. Let’s change that this year, can’t wait!”

10. Maisie Smith

Actress and singer.

Maisie Smith says: “Get me in those sequins, I can’t wait to dive into the Strictly fancy dress box this winter! This is a dream come true.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns this Autumn on BBC One.


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