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Reports: Member of crew tests positive for COVID-19, five other crew members are self-isolating.

The member of crew is believed to be part of the lighting department who has spent the past week working on the set. At least five staff who were in close contact with him were immediately sent home and told to self-isolate and await tests of their own. A "deep clean" of the set was also ordered using powerful electrostatic sprayers.

A source told The Sun: “This crew member would have been in touch with dozens of other workers on set. They were hours away from starting filming for the pre-­recorded professional group dances when they got a call to say that one of the crew members had tested positive when turning up for another job. Everything juddered to a halt while worried bosses worked out what to do..."

“...This is the worst-case scenario for Strictly, as they’ve gone to extreme lengths to make the show safe up to this point. Starting a show then stopping mid-production is the most expensive thing that could happen, so they’re praying it’s not more serious than just one person potentially having it. He came back positive which meant he had likely been symptomatic prior to the test. After this was discovered the remaining lighting crew were all sent home from site before everyone was told to leave several hours later and a deep clean began.”

The pro dancers have been isolating at a nearby hotel. Production is hoping to begin in the studio on Tuesday where they will record all the pro-routines before the series starts in October.

The source, talking to The Sun, added: “They have to get in the studio this week or they won’t have time to shoot the group dances before the series starts next month. It’s already a race against time and this could slow things down further.”

Strictly Come Dancing is expected to return on Saturday 17th October.

More details on dates can be found here.


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