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Helen Skelton and Adam Henson return with the programme celebrating the hard work of farmers, following them as they prepare for the lambing season.

From his own farm in the Cotswolds, Adam gives his horses and ponies a springtime MOT to make sure they've shaken off any winter blues, while at Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire, Helen and Jules Hudson are on hand as brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson try to keep their heads above water in the lambing sheds.

Later in the week, Adam Henson celebrates the `golden fleece" of the rare-breed Cotswold sheep that brought wealth to the region, while in South Yorkshire, Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson join farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson as they face a pig emergency. Elsewhere, Plus, The Yorkshire Vet's Shona Searson tries to save a sow and her litter of piglets and sheep farmer Phil Heard dons his ten-gallon hat to drive his flock onto Dartmoor, cowboy-style.

Then, at Cannon Hall Farm, Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson witness dramatic arrivals as farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson welcome some `new kids" on the block. JB Gill visits the final contender in the Young Farmer of the Year contest, 28-year-old Adam Walton, who is following in his late father's footsteps to helm the family pig farm, while in north Wales, teenage champion shepherdess Erin McNaught is handed the reins by her retiring grandfather - right in the middle of lambing season.

Springtime On The Farm returns Monday 5th April at 8pm on Channel 5, and continues at the same time all that week.


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