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‘COVID Crisis: Learning the Lessons’ is a series of programmes presented over three nights by Sophy Ridge, airing on Sky News on 9th, 10th and 11th February at 8pm

The programmes will feature the most detailed timeline yet compiled of all areas of the UK’s response to the pandemic, along with expert panels of senior figures at the heart of it

To comprehend the enormity of the pandemic - and the vital lessons that can be learned, Sky News has created one of the most comprehensive timelines of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK to date.

The findings will be presented by Sky News across linear and digital platforms, including a special three-part program on air, a series of exclusive online reports and live blog coverage.

In the public interest, this comprehensive research will be made available to interested parties, including academic researchers.

Presented by Sophy Ridge, ‘COVID Crisis: Learning the Lessons’ will take an in-depth look at the UK’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic with a detailed, definitive timeline from when the first case was discovered in Wuhan, China to the present day, a sequence of events that has seen the UK reach the latest in a succession of grim milestones in a year of grief, loss and hardship.

By gathering hundreds of statistics and frontline stories from global events as they unravelled, Sky News has charted the virus as it swept through hospitals, care homes and millions of lives. ‘COVID Crisis: Learning the Lessons’ will ask the all-important questions without agenda to its audiences across all platforms; What lessons have been learnt and have they been adequately applied?

Defining topics such as PPE, test and trace, travel bans, care homes and lockdown strategies will be put to an expert panel (names will be confirmed at a later date) and members of the British public whose lives have been drastically affected by the outbreak.

John Ryley, Head of Sky News said: “We are living in extraordinary times and with so many decisions being made that are affecting every single person in the UK, it is critical to understand what is happening and why. Sky News is proud to bring such comprehensive specialist content to our audiences, however they consume the news. Our aim is to report the facts and provide clarity in these turbulent times.”


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