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This November. Sky Arts are to air a unique original documentary, titled Cold War Steve Meets the Outside World, which will see the artist embark on a UK wide, outdoor art installation.

Birmingham-based artist, Cold War Steve’s satirical collages have made him a cult phenomenon, particularly on social media, but he is also highly regarded in the art world, being celebrated as the ‘Brexit Bruegel’ and ‘a modern day Hogarth’. This subversive new voice in the art world has been taking a provocative look at the state of art, politics, and the true psyche of post-lockdown Britain through his work, literally bringing it to the masses with a number of large-scale exhibitions in the real world.

These attention grabbing exhibits have been sparking conversations across the country; from a giant windbreak on Boscombe Beach that was partly covered by the local council due to its dystopian take on the world, to a colossal jigsaw in Liverpool entitled ‘Trumpscape’. Cold War Steve’s exhibition has already made a statement in Medway, Bournemouth and Liverpool and his story continues as his work is set to arrive in Coventry next weekend.

On the project, he says: “Despite my apprehension, this is the logical next stage of my nascent career as an artist, a stage that I am very excited about. No matter how detailed or expansive I make my work, I have to accept that it will only ever be viewed on nothing bigger than a phone screen. I am thrilled therefore that the whole thing will be captured for posterity for Sky Arts – which like my exhibits, is now free to view.”

Head of Sky Arts, Phil Edgar-Jones, says: “It’s in interesting time to be a satirist in the UK - there’s a lot going on for a wicked artistic eye to take in, so we are fascinated to follow the unique talents of Cold War Steve as he takes his world of the weird from the twittersphere and into the real world. This unvarnished documentary promises to be a satire on satire itself as he faces a welcome in some places and banishment from others and we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.”

As the viewers take this journey with Cold War Steve they will see a snapshot of the post lockdown UK and get an insight in to how he sees this strange new world.

Sky Arts is available for everyone to watch on Freeview Channel 11 and Freesat channel 147.

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