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Six Four is a four-part event drama, created by BAFTA Scotland Award-winning screenwriter, Gregory Burke, and starring Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy, Trainspotting) and Vinette Robinson (Boiling Point, Sherlock, The A-Word), and produced by House Productions.

Inspired by the best-selling novel Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama, the drama is set primarily in Glasgow, and is a dark and compelling story of kidnap, corruption, betrayal and an uncompromising search for the truth, when Chris and Michelle O’Neill’s teenage daughter goes missing.

Serving police detective Chris, played by Kevin McKidd, is provided with a startling revelation about an infamous, unsolved case that once divided the police when a local girl called Julie Mackie disappeared.

Now, reeling from the news that his own daughter has gone missing, Chris is approached by a journalist who tells him that fatal mistakes were covered-up in Julie’s disappearance.

Revisiting the case, Chris uncovers a series of undeniable errors, corruption and unbridled ambition.

Executive Producers for House Productions, Juliette Howell and Tessa Ross, said:

“Hideo Yokoyama’s Six Four was a publishing phenomenon when it came out and Greg has brilliantly captured the essence of the thrilling rollercoaster of a story that so compelled all those readers of the original novel. In relocating the action to Glasgow, Greg has brought an intricate knowledge and real sense of place of that beautiful city, immersing us in a visceral and gut-wrenching journey, experiencing everything right alongside Chris and Michelle as they desperately try to find their missing daughter.”

ITV's Polly Hill said: "Six Four excitingly brings Kevin McKidd back to Scotland to lead this wonderful cast. Greg Burke’s scripts are brilliant – a compelling police investigation and the heart-breaking personal story of a runaway child. I’m delighted that ITVX and ITV is the home for this drama and to be working with Greg, Tessa and Juliette to bring this to screen."

Six Four will premiere on ITVX next year.


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