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ITV has commissioned a unique new high-stakes, high-tension game show, Sitting On A Fortune, in which players could win up to £100,000.

Hosted by football legend Gary Lineker, this pulse-quickening quiz features six players all trying to be in the right place at the right time to take away a potentially lifechanging amount of money.

The new ITV Entertainment format, a co-production by ITV Studios imprints Possessed and Potato, features no lifelines, safety nets or chances to walk away, meaning players must risk everything on getting the right answer in the hope of taking home the big prize. In a unique twist, players take to the stage and position themselves in a row of seats, one behind another.

Where you sit makes all the difference as only the player in the chair at the head of the line gets the chance to answer questions, stay in the game and have the chance of winning the jackpot. One wrong answer sees a player relegated to the back of the line and in real danger of leaving with nothing and someone else moves up to take pole position. One player’s success could instantly be another player’s ruin.

During the show’s high-pressure crescendo, each and every question is worth a jawdropping £10,000. With the jackpot mounting, there can be only one winner. Who can stay in the hot seat long enough to take away up to £100,000? In this show there really can only be one player left sitting on a fortune.

Gary Lineker says: “From the moment I heard about this new show, it sounded like an exhilarating concept. This really is high-stakes, high tension, high drama - everything a great game show should be. I can’t wait for the viewers at home to experience the fun and the excitement of Sitting On A Fortune.


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