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The 3x60’ Shop Well For the Planet?, which will be under the BBC’s Our Planet Now banner, will see the worlds of Shop Well For Less? and Eat Well For Less? combine for the first time, as Chris, Jordan, Joanna and Melanie help families across the UK find out if they can shop better for the planet without spending a fortune.

Each episode will have a family at its heart; some may question whether it’s possible to be more sustainable on a budget, others may want to make changes but don’t know where to start. All our families will try and test a variety of eco/sustainable versions of the products they currently buy.

Joanna Page says: “I’m so excited to be working with Melanie, helping out lots of people across the U.K. and maybe getting a few tips for my own spending habits! It’ll be great fun!”

Melanie Sykes says: “Shop Well For Less? is such a well-loved series - I can’t wait to get stuck in and help families take a fresh look at their spending and hopefully bring some invaluable advice to homes across the country.”

Jordan Banjo says: “I’m super happy to be part of the team for Eat Well For Less? and Shop Well For The Planet? It’s so important that we look after ourselves and the planet, and I’m 100 percent ready to do my bit to help get the nation eating well and shopping well.”

Chris Bavin adds: “Jordan’s a great addition to the Eat Well For Less? family and I can’t wait to join forces to show our audience that good food doesn’t have to cost the earth. I’m also looking forward to finding out how we can fine-tune our shopping habits to make sure they’re kinder to the planet in our exciting new series.”


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