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Each week, BBC News’ Analysis Editor, Ros Atkins, will set the record straight on the biggest national and international stories in Ros Atkins On The Week.

Drawing on the critically-acclaimed style of video explainers that Ros has successfully pioneered across social media, Ros Atkins On The Week will take the analysis deeper, tackling a wider range of stories in a longer, distinctive weekly programme.

The new programme, commissioned for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, will take viewers through the key stories of the week, weaving together their common themes.

In a world where disinformation and fake news are on the rise, Ros will draw on video evidence, data, documents and interviews gathered from far and wide, to establish the facts, using his much-praised style.

Tapping into the expertise of BBC News’ specialist data, open source and fact-checking journalists, the 30-minute broadcasts will combine analysis, explanation, context and fact-checking in an easily digestible format.

With full transparency, Ros will shed light on sources of stories and data, and the way BBC journalists verify news.

Ros says: “I've been thrilled by the reaction to our explainer videos and am equally excited to bring this style of story-telling to BBC One and iPlayer. No story happens in isolation, and we’ll be looking at how each week’s events intertwine in this new type of news programme from the BBC.

“The volume of information coming at all of us can feel overwhelming so we’ll give viewers the facts, context and analysis they need to make sense of what’s happened.”

Katy Searle, Senior News Controller, Programmes and Commissioning, says: “Ros is known for his excellent forensic analysis, and we can’t wait to bring this topical news programme to BBC One viewers in a new, compelling weekly format.

“We know it’s important for audiences to understand the complex aspects of the world around us. With a fresh take on the week’s biggest stories, the programme will use Ros’ vast expertise and engaging approach to set the record straight on the stories that viewers want clear, no-nonsense clarity on.”

Ros Atkins On The Week is a BBC News commission. The series editor is Diana Martin. It will run for four weeks, with the first episode expected to launch on Thursday 20 October on BBC One. It will also be available on BBC iPlayer.


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