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Rise & Fall | Episode 17 Preview (Channel 4)

During today’s Work Shift, one Grafter will win an automatic rise to the Penthouse. While the Basement is filled with hope and competitive energy, the Rulers are getting nervous. Isaak and Ramona have only just become Rulers, what will adding a seventh into the Penthouse mean for those who are already there and want to be in the final?

For today’s Work Shift to secure more money for the prize fund, the Grafters are working as pot washers in a restaurant kitchen, washing plates from an entire menu starting with soup, followed by a fish course, a main and a pudding. If the plates are clean enough, they’ll add more money to the prize fund.

But there’s a catch. The plates must be cleaned by the Grafters using only their tongues. The Grafter who licks the most plates will instantly rise to become a Ruler. It’s a stomach-churning and gag-inducing challenge but everyone wants to become a Ruler and snatch a place in the final…

After today’s Work Shift, there are now seven Rulers in the Penthouse, but only six can be in tomorrow’s final. A tense debate leads to a ruthless vote that sees one Ruler fall and be eliminated from the competition. Who will fall at the final hurdle?

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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