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Rise & Fall | Episode 16 Preview (Channel 4)

The Red Room hangs in the balance as the elimination vote sees Rossi and Sophie with two votes each. Moses has the casting vote and the final decision on who will be next to fall and leave the competition…

Tonight is the final rise vote and the Grafters’ last chance to be voted up to the Penthouse and be in with a chance of winning the prize fund. Three will be voted to rise before the Rulers decide which two will be joining them in the seats of power. Everyone wants to rise and the Basement is awash with lobbying and canvasing for votes.

Ramona started her Rise and Fall journey as a Ruler and she wants to be back up in the Penthouse for the final to show them how to really rule. She says it has been a “f*** up throughout the whole thing.”

“People up there are benefitting from our good work and we should be able to get that power back. Give us the power to flip this around and get the true leaders sitting in the Red Room.”

To help the Grafters decide where to place their votes, the Rulers send appraisals for each of them, with advice on what they need to do to become Rulers, as well as tasks to help with personal growth. Isaak is challenged to make a speech to champion himself and show his serious side.

It’s the most important vote the Grafters will have to make. Who will be voted up to the Penthouse in the hope of claiming a place in the final and be in with a chance of winning the prize fund? Three Grafters can rise but only two will remain. Who will the Rulers keep?

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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