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Rise And Fall | Episode 9 Preview (Channel 4)

There’s a shock comeback on tonight’s Rise and Fall (Channel 4, 10pm) when Ramona returns… And this time she’s a Grafter.

CEO Ramona was one of the original Rulers to take charge of the Penthouse but was dramatically eliminated in the first fall vote after her fellow Rulers disagreed with her call to push the Grafters to their limits to earn money for the prize fund. Now she’s back and she means business.

“In the Penthouse, I’m the one who took the risk and then they threw me out. This time I’m going to start from the Basement and I’m going to graft myself to the top. Let me show them how Lady Boss gets it done…” But not everyone is happy to see her, especially Rachel who was one of the Rulers who voted to eliminate Ramona and is also now in the Basement.

Seeing Ramona, Rachel says: “I was feeling really great this morning until you guys revived the witch. I’ve already suffered as it is, I don’t need to suffer anymore. Send her back home, please.”

The air is definitely frosty between the two Grafters… Meanwhile, upstairs in the Penthouse, Matt tells the others Ramona was a “nightmare” and a “dictator”. How will Ramona settle into Grafter life? Also tonight…

Blowing hot and cold

The Grafters take on the next work shift to add more money to the prize fund. While half of them tackle a treadmill in searing heat, the others must endure ice baths in a test of stamina and endurance. How far will the Rulers push them in the quest to win more money?

Bad news in the Basement

Joanna is forced miss the work shift on medical advice. “I’ve had a tough 24 almost 48 hours with a trapped nerve… It is so demoralising and it’s so painful.”

Who’s next to fall?

Jack and Jeff settle into Ruler life in the Penthouse and must put their new-found power to use as the next Fall vote looms. Connor worries for his future as a Ruler after flip-flopping over his previous vote and wonders whether Jack will still be loyal to their allegiance…

Connor: “I am not ready to go yet, I don’t want to vote Cheryl out, but I need to do what I need to do to keep me in the game and keep me in the Penthouse.”

Rise and Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4.


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