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Random Rewind: The Edge, BBC

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

The Edge

2015, BBC One

The Edge was a BBC One daytime quiz, originally hosted by Mark Benton for its first series and later hosted by Gabby Logan for its second series. A total of 50 episodes, produced by BBC Scotland, were broadcast.

Each show will featured four contestants battling it out, knockout style, for the right to roll down the cash lanes.

Round by round contestants answer questions at the podiums in an attempt to usurp their competitors in the tactical stakes of runway selection, before taking to the lanes to roll for cash.

The nearer their ball gets to The Edge the more money the players will bank; go over The Edge and they could face elimination. In the final round the remaining high-roller has one target remaining on the runway - The Edge, which is now worth their entire winnings.

The more questions they answer correctly the larger The Edge grows. Can they roll a ball onto The Edge to take home all their money? Or will they choose to roll for half with two balls, or just a quarter with three balls.


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