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Random Rewind: Red Or Black?, ITV

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Red Or Black?

2011, ITV

Red Or Black? was a primetime ITV gameshow hosted by Ant & Dec, created by Simon Cowell and produced Syco Entertainment and ITV Studios for ITV1.

Each episode saw contestants choose the 'red' option or the 'black' option. The ones who chose the winning colour went through to the next round, with those choosing the losing colour being eliminated from the programme completely.

The eight finalists from each episode were live in the studio, with the ultimate winner going through to spin the wheel and - potentially - become a millionaire.

The first series was stripped over a week on ITV1. A second series was commissioned in early 2012. It was also announced that changes would be made to the format. The show would now air weekly, with more pre-recorded rounds.

The first series averaged 3.3 million viewers across the week, with the second series slipping slightly to just over 3.0m.


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