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Random Rewind: Hardball, BBC One

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.


2018, BBC One

Ore Oduba hosted the high-tension, fast-paced quiz where contestants battle to outrun the Hardball…but if it overtakes them it’s game over. Can they stay ahead of the Hardball?

Hardball is the nail-biting fast-paced quiz hosted by Ore Oduba where the aim of the game is simple - contestants have to get as far away as they can before the ball catches them.

Players step up to face the ball on 25 metres of track in front of which they are asked questions that test all aspects of their knowledge on topics as varied as pop music, history, sport and movies.

Each question they answer correctly moves them further down the track. But the players are being chased by a ball that never stops - the Hardball. As soon as the ball passes them, the game is over.

Hardball sees six contestants per episode take on the track in a bid to beat the ball. But only one will make it through to the final to try to take home the jackpot of thousands of pounds, if they can beat the ball one last time.

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