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Random Rewind: Ejector Seat, ITV

Random Rewind: we look back at some the best, and occasionally worst, entertainment shows from the past decade.

Ejector Seat

2014, ITV

Ejector Seat was an ITV daytime gameshow hosted by Andi Peters. The series ran for one series of 30x60' episodes, airing every weekday from Monday 28th April 2014 - the same day Good Morning Britain launched on ITV, also with Peters.

Each episode sees six contestants compete for the chance to win £10,000. Each contestant is seated in an armchair on parallel tracks which stretch the length of the studio.

The final quarter of the track is the 'danger zone'. As the contestants answer questions, their chair moves closer and closer to the danger zone. If they reach the end of the tracks, they were 'ejected' and their chair is tipped backwards.

The programme did not return for a second series on ITV.


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