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Romesh Ranganathan’s award-winning topical comedy show The Ranganation is facing an uncertain future on BBC Two. The BBC declined to comment about the future of The Ranganation when approached by TV Zone.

The Ranganation sees Romesh chat through the lighter end of the news spectrum with celebrity guests and his hand-picked focus group, The Ranganation - 20 loveable, outspoken characters who represent a cross-section of modern Britain.

Speaking to the Always Be Comedy podcast earlier this year, Romesh said of the show's future: "[It's] up in the air to be honest with you.". The Times earlier reported that the chat show as "facing the axe" after five series, though this has not been confirmed either way by the BBC.

Ranganathan fronted a pilot for a new BBC chat show earlier this year, which British Comedy Guide report has been commissioned for a full series. The comedian is also returning to BBC Two for more Misadventures and Misinvestigations.

His BBC One comedy Avoidance has also been recommissioned, along with The Weakest Link, which he has presented since 2021.

Past discussions with members of the Ranganation such as Technophobe, Gen Z, Never Voted, Lord Dave and Romesh’s Mum, have covered such disparate areas as paranormal activity, homeschooling during lockdown, dating apps, whether or not you should wash your legs in the shower, and of course Trousers Or No Trousers?

The BBC declined comment when approached by TV Zone. The Ranganation is available on BBC iPlayer.


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