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In this game-changing new property show, Nick Grimshaw and award-winning property expert Kunle Barker harness the latest virtual reality technology - usually reserved for big-budget movies - to solve real-life design dilemmas.

Kent couple Scott and Caroline are desperate to create their dream home but can't agree on anything. To resolve their design deadlock, Nick and Kunle invite them to walk around virtual versions of their home on one of the UK's most advanced virtual reality stages.

In front of their eyes, walls come down, doorways and windows move and extensions spring up. They change wallpapers, floor finishes and kitchen surfaces in a flash. But crucially, they explore the changing spaces in real time and with no headsets.

Once they've made their minds up in the virtual world, all they have to do is build it in the real one!

The TX pilot airs Friday 14th April on Channel 4.

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