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PREVIEW: Your Garden Made Perfect, BBC Two

This new series gives home-owners the opportunity to see their outside spaces transformed into breathtaking wonderlands, before they are created in real life.

Using the latest visual technologies, radically different designs are showcased digitally, allowing people to see what their garden could look like before a wheelbarrow is filled or a tree uprooted. As well as big budgets and mega plots, there are also clever low-cost reinventions of small spaces too, packed with tips and tricks to inspire people at home to get stuck in themselves.

Following on from the wildly successful and innovative series Your Home Made Perfect, Angela Scanlon is back with this brand new series that uses the same remarkable technology to reinvent garden spaces into a true extension of our homes.

Your Garden Made Perfect has ideas and insights for everyone, whether green-fingered geniuses or those wondering where to put their first houseplant, we will reveal how surrounding ourselves with nature can be profound on any scale.

Stepping up to help them are award-winning garden designers Helen Elks-Smith and Manoj Malde. Helen is inspired by the couple to bring a touch of romance to the garden and fills it with glorious planting and luxurious seating areas, whilst Manoj is keen to transform it into a Japanese inspired entertainment zone. Using virtual reality, both designers pitch their radically different approaches. Helen tackles the changing levels of the garden whilst Manoj brings a signature splash of colour to the space. Both designs are brought to life in the virtual world, but which will Demi and Laura choose?

Once the winner has been picked, the garden reinvention begins. Meanwhile, Angela gets an exclusive tour of two gardens that inspired the competing schemes.

Meanwhile Joel Bird, an expert in tackling challenging outdoor spaces, meets a mum, Julie, and her son, Tom, from Stockton-on-Tees. He’s a first-time buyer with a garden that is an intimidating blank canvas. Using our cutting-edge interactive technology, Joel reveals his sensational solution - a sleek contemporary design on an incredibly low budget. Using some hard graft and creative thinking, Joel teaches Tom and Julie how to transform their garden, with some simple ideas that anyone could try. Finally, the pair have a garden to be proud of.


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