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PREVIEW: There's Something About Movies, Sky One

Alan Carr returns for another feast of film trivia and movie mayhem as host of the third series of There’s Something About Movies, with Jennifer Saunders and Michael Sheen returning as team captains.

There's Something About Movies was one of the first shows to go into production after lockdown. Speaking about production in the Coronavirus era, host Alan Carr said: "It has eben very weird, doing sketched standing two metres apart. We recreated Alien, which was odd because no one could come near me due to social distancing, but I could have an alien coming out of my stomach as long as the person putting it in was then stepped away! We also do a pastiche of Joker, the dancing scene, which we filmed on steps in Pall Mall in central London."

Celebrity guests on the first episode are Gemma Arterton, Jonathan Ross and Guz Khan.

There's Something About Movies begins Wednesday 21st October at 9pm on Sky One.


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