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PREVIEW: Strangers Making Babies, Channel 4

In this new series, would-be parents throw themselves into a groundbreaking scheme, as they try to find someone to have children with, without the complication of finding love first.

A baby-making revolution is underway - there are currently 70,000 people signed up to co-parenting sites, looking for platonic partners to have children with. However, these unregulated websites are often full of unvetted strangers.

In response, a group of experts, led by fertility specialist Dr Marie Wren, have created a comprehensive and unprecedented vetting and matching scheme to help single people find the perfect co-parent. Throughout the series, a group of single women will each be matched with several men who all share their desire to have a baby. They will meet and spend time together to establish if there's a connection and try to work out whether or not to have a baby. But does redefining relationships go against human nature?

And can a platonic arrangement actually lead to making babies? In this first episode, we meet two women and six men who are searching for someone to have a baby with in a non-traditional, platonic co-parenting arrangement.

Guided by fertility specialist Dr Marie Wren and matchmaking expert Gillian McCallum, the two women are matched with a range of carefully selected and vetted men, who also hope to become co-parents. Venicia, a 34-year-old professional nanny to high-profile families, who longs to have a baby of her own meets Nigel, Vik and Jean-Paul. Sarah, a 39-year-old amateur ballroom dancer from Surrey, would have loved to have had a baby in the traditional way but feels she simply hasn't met the right person in time.

She is matched with Ian, Chris and Chris. With arguably the biggest single decision of their lives ahead of them, will any of the pairings have enough potential to move forward to the next stage?

Strangers Making Babies begins Tuesday 23rd March at 9:15pm on Channel 4.

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