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PREVIEW: Sort Your Life Out, BBC One

The average family home contains thousands of items that are not really needed, and living in all the clutter is making us miserable. But imagine if every single item in your home were laid out before you, so you could decide what to keep and what to lose.

Tidying extraordinaire Stacey Solomon has put together a crack team of organising fanatics who will help a family transform their messy home through a life-changing declutter and a budget-friendly makeover. After spending far too long in our houses, it’s time for a supersized spring clean!

Stacey and her gang (organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan) challenge the Yaku family to sort their life out in seven days – and in order to do this, they’ll have to embark on a mammoth declutter. Stacey asks the family to try to let go of half their possessions, so that they can then beautifully reorganise their home.

We get to know the family behind the clutter – hospital director Tash, tube driver Lawrence and their four kids - and find out why their home is making them miserable. There are emotional moments as the family go through their most treasured items, and friction develops as they must decide what to part with. The items they do decide to let go of will be put into piles to recycle, donate or sell.

Carpenter Rob breathes new life into some of the family’s most precious household items and offers up ingenious storage solutions, such as hidden drawers in stairs and making a work station from an old kitchen pantry. Cleaner Iwan gives the home a supersized spring clean, with lots of useful tips along the way, and organizer Dilly shows us all the best way to sort our kids' toys and kitchen cupboards.

UPDATE: Due to schedule changes around the Six Nation Rugby, Sort Your Life Out will air on Monday 5th April at 6:25pm on BBC One. This is the pilot episode, and the full series will air later this year.


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