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PREVIEW: Sewing Bee Celebrity Specials 2020

Joe Lycett guides us through Sara Pascoe’s confusion over left and right, Dr Ranj Singh’s inability to plan ahead or pin, Denise Van Outen’s love for mad fabric and Shirley Ballas’s disregard for the status quo (especially when it comes to the transformation challenge).

The challenges include making Christmas pyjama bottoms, creating fancy dress outfits for four dogs and designing a Christmas dress, but it’s not just sewing (or lack of) that we’re tuning in for. We’re also treated to Christmas skits, songs, dance routines and even a barbershop ensemble with the aforementioned costumed dogs.

Judges Patrick Grant of Savile Row and Esme Young of Central Saint Martins are on top form as they tear apart some of the celeb’s efforts. But instead of being total Scrooges, they actually help salvage the celebs' made-to-measure garments.

In the festive spirit, Patrick helps Ranj adapt his dress when he discovers it won’t fit his model, and Esme jumps on Shirley’s machine when she realises her dress won’t fasten together unless she gets help.


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