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PREVIEW: Naked Attraction, Channel 4

The dating show that dares to bare all is back and this time, it's even more revealing, with even more shocking and surprising events that continue to push boundaries.

Anna Richardson returns to guide contestants through the game of choosing a partner based solely on the power of naked attraction, whittling six people down to one.

Twenty-three-year-old Brian from Kent is very experienced in fine wine, classical music and culture. But as a virgin, he has absolutely no clue about sex, and seeing six naked women for the very first time has Brian running for the exit. And 27-year-old beauty therapist Shaida from London is feeling the pressure from her family to settle down, so is on the search for a man with the perfect balls to give her a baby by the time she's 30.

Naked Attraction returns Tuesday 10th November at 10:15pm on Channel 4.


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