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PREVIEW: My Unique B&B, BBC Two

Master craftsman Simon Parfett and his team help people with a little land or a beautiful garden generate extra income by creating their own unique B&B.

Episode One sees Simon and his team travel to the picturesque Wye Valley to help George and Al transform their battered old family campervan into a unique B&B. The van has been left to rust in the old quarry that sits at the bottom of their garden, so the team have their work cut out turning it into a staycation destination.

As soon as they arrive on site, they get to work, ripping out the van interior and creating a flexible dining and seating area with a luxury double bunk at the rear. The designer creates a one-of-a-kind table with a golden leaf design, while George and Al’s friends and family build a large decking and outdoor seating area.

In the second episode, Simon and the team are in Herefordshire to meet new parents Cheryl and Bill. Cheryl gave up her stressful aviation job for a quieter rural life, but it didn’t stay that way when they started a family and Cheryl set up a wedding and glamping business.

The couple enlist the help of Simon and the gang to get their chalet on a hill from flat-pack to Scandi chic. Simon builds a statement bed, carpenter Ian creates a cosy bespoke kitchen and designer Zoe brings warmth, texture and colour to the interior.

My Unqiue B&B begins Monday 1st March at 6:30pm on BBC Two.


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