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PREVIEW: Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Sunday 23rd August, 8pm on BBC Two.

In the first episode, Paul and Bob return to Scotland to fish for salmon once more - this time on the mighty River Tweed. After their agonising last-ditch attempt to catch a salmon on the River Tay in series two, this time around, Paul is determined to fulfil his promise to help Bob get his first salmon – a rite of passage for any angler.

They start their search for a so-called bar of silver surrounded by banks of lush tall trees at the Bemersyde Estate, a place where it is easy to forget the outside world and do nothing but concentrate on fishing. Paul is intent on catching, and Bob is hopeful that his angling skills have improved since last time.

The next morning Paul gets some mystical predictions from a familiar character. They try a different beat on this day and visit the Bridge Pool at Kelso, arguably the most renowned salmon-fishing beat in Scotland. Today, they try boat fishing again, and the memory of the last time they were in Scotland fishing in a boat together spurs them on to try to not just hook but also land a salmon this time.

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns Sunday 23rd August, 8pm on BBC Two.

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