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PREVIEW: Jack & The Beanstalk After Ever After, Sky One

Jack & The Beanstalk After Ever After is a Sky original family tale told in the style of David Walliams’ best-selling children’s books.

All fairytales end with ‘happily ever after’, but what happens after ever after? When Jack (Eddie Karanja) discovers the Giant (David Walliams) is not dead, merely concussed and suffering memory loss, Jack pretends they’re friends to avoid being eaten.

Keen to get the Giant home, Jack must first outsmart the angry villagers including infamous giant-killer The Woman With No Name (Sheridan Smith), the bean-swapping conman Dodgy Dave (Blake Harrison) and Jack’s own distrustful mum Pat (Jocelyn Jee Esien).

Along the way, Jack and the Giant discover they have more in common than they thought and learn to work together.

The special airs Wednesday 23rd December at 8pm on Sky One.


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