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PREVIEW: How To Save A Grand In 24 Hours, Channel 4

Anna Richardson presents this brand-new series where she's joined by a team of cost-cutting wizards who show us how to revolutionise the way we live by saving money and sorting out our homes, all in 24 hours.

Anna and the team visit families where money is tight and spending is an issue, to see if they can help them save a grand in just 24 hours, and helping us all learn how to stop subconsciously spending and save our cash for the good things in life.

Each expert has six hours to work their magic, while Anna is on finance watch and takes on the household bills; from overpaying for utilities to paying forgotten subscriptions. With tips from top restaurateur and chef Gary Usher, DIY and design expert Eve Humphreys and one of the new breed of 'cleanfluencers' Peachy Clean, we learn how to budget and get the maximum effect from a minimum spend on everything from our food, homes and clothes to our bills, without breaking the bank. And can the experts save the families a grand in 24 hours?

In this episode, we meet London family of six the Kofis, whose finances are in need of some tough love. Our gang of experts, chef Gary Usher, DIY expert Eve Humphreys and cleaning wonder Peachy Clean, unleash their money-saving hacks to torch the Kofis' whopping food bills, and rein in their excessive shopping sprees.

They also dish out top-notch cleaning tips and tricks on how to sort out their home on a budget. And with a bathroom in dire need of repair but no budget to speak of, expert builder Eve's skills are properly tested.

How To Save A Grand In 24 Hours begins Monday 26th April at 8pm on Channel 4.


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