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PREVIEW: The Great Garden Revolution, Channel 4

The Great Garden Revolution is a brand-new series and a call to arms for people across the nation to get out into our gardens and transform our outdoor spaces.

A team of experts - designer Joel Bird, ecological gardener Poppy Okotcha and craftsman Bruce Kenneth - inspire us with possibilities for our own space. After spending the last year in our homes, all across the UK a revolution is happening as people discover their gardens and a love for gardening.

In each episode, Poppy, Joel and Bruce share tips, hacks and tricks to show what can be done in our outdoor space - whatever its size, shape or make up - and help to transform one garden in need of love. And some famous faces give us a tour of their gardens and show us their green-fingered efforts.

From epic garden transformations and inspiring garden visits, to how-to builds and a plant-of-the-week, this show offers practical, hands-on advice so that everyone can join the revolution from wherever you are, with whatever you have.

The Great Garden Revolution is made in partnership with Ronseal. In this first episode, our experts focus on gardens for all the family to enjoy, with plenty of tips and inspiring ideas on how to create one.

Joel builds a social hub at the back of the garden, featuring a pergola that houses a BBQ and a seating area for family and guests. Poppy shows us how to make a barrel pond and creates a revolutionary forest garden that adds beauty and plant life to any space.

And Bruce adds a beautifully crafted chair to relax and enjoy the garden in. The team also visit the Cotterells; five adults live in their London house, so it's a busy one! Can the team transform their garden into a wonderful social space with something for everyone?

The Great Garden Revolution begins Saturday 01st May at 8pm on Channel 4.

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