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PREVIEW: The Great British Dig, Channel 4

In this new series, actor and comedian Hugh Dennis is joined by a team of expert archaeologists to excavate back gardens around Britain, in an attempt to uncover the lost history buried beneath our lawns and flower beds, while recruiting local people to get digging too.

In the series, the team go in search of a Roman fort connected to Hadrian's Wall to shed new light on the Roman military, as well as a lost Viking burial ground to uncover further information about the lives of the Anglo-Saxons laid to rest there.

They also dig deep to try and discover more about William the Conquerors' lost priory and the mysteries of the monks that walked its hallowed halls, and the secrets of a World War military base before it is lost to coastal erosion forever.

In the first episode, the dig gets underway as Hugh and the team attempt to uncover a Roman fort, connected to Hadrian's Wall, that's buried beneath the back gardens of the quiet suburban streets of Benwell in Newcastle.

With a team of Roman specialists by their side, they pull back the layers of history to uncover a plethora of Roman artefacts and structure. New discoveries begin to shed new light on Romano-Britain and before long, the team unearth some exciting new evidence regarding civilian settlements and the military fort.

The Great British Dig: History In Your Back Garden begins Wednesday 17th February at 9pm on More4.


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