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PREVIEW: Cook Clever, Waste Less with Prue and Rupy (Channel 4)

In this new series, culinary legend and 'queen of leftovers' Prue Leith teams up with food expert Dr Rupy Aujla to help British families tackle food waste and save money.

Every year in the UK we throw almost £14 billion worth of food in the bin, which is bad for the planet and disastrous for our wallets. But with creative meal planning, genius food hacks and mouth-watering recipes, Prue and Rupy teach us how to cook clever and waste less.

In this episode, fraught parents David and Nadya from Bristol are at their wits end. Like many people in the UK, their sons have food allergies and trying to cater for them is making mealtimes stressful, adding a hefty amount to the weekly shopping bill and creating a lot of food waste. So Prue and Rupy design a cunning time and money-saving food plan that's gluten and dairy free. Recipes include an edible burrito bowl, a rich parsnip cake and a delicious smoothie that uses up banana skins.

The whole series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4, on 24 May following the transmission of this first episode


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