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PREVIEW: Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism & Me (BBC One)

Eighteen months in the making, former professional footballer Anton Ferdinand goes on a deeply personal journey to explore the issue of racial abuse in the game.

With a rise in reported incidents of racial abuse in football, Anton talks for the first time about his own highly-publicised 2011 incident with the former England captain John Terry. Anton wants to both understand his own story and explore what needs to be done to address the problem of racism in the game today.

Anton confronts how the ripple effects of the incident, and the online abuse he has experience since, not only affected his own mental health and career but also the lives of his loved ones.

Determined to turn his experiences into positive action, Anton uncovers where he believes players are still being failed by the system, and how football urgently needs to change.

Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism & Me airs Monday 30th November at 9pm on BBC One.


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