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Blackpool's Dance Fever | Preview (BBC One)

Britain’s very own Blackpool has always been synonymous with ballroom dancing and - for the first time ever - the world of ballroom has agreed to swing its doors open, offering remarkable insight and access during the Blackpool Dance Festival in Blackpool’s Ballroom Battle (1x60’)

This year, thousands of dancers from more than 40 countries will descend - in sequined glory - on the seaside town for the legendary Dance Festival.

As the cameras zoom in on some of the competitors, viewers will witness the real-life tears, tribulations and triumphs, the glitz and the glamour of this truly global, high-octane event, where the passion could not be greater, nor the stakes higher.

For almost 100 years this has been one of Britain’s best kept secrets, as dancers have followed their dreams to Blackpool and placed their hopes and ambitions in winning the coveted title of the British Open Champion.

Now audiences will be able to quickstep into their extraordinary world and glimpse first hand exactly what it takes to become the very best.

Along the way viewers will meet some of the larger-than-life personalities, influential players, trainers and coaches of ballroom to reveal the inside story of life behind the scenes within this unique and little known culture of competitive ballroom.

Featuring Blackpool in all its glory, Blackpool’s Ballroom Battle is a tribute to a world where dreams are made and broken every year in the dazzling Empress Ballroom of Blackpool, and where what happens on the dancefloor, doesn’t always stay on the dancefloor..

Kate Phillips, BBC’s Director of Unscripted, says: “I am so excited to bring Blackpool’s Ballroom Battle to BBC audiences. Little Dooley has done a fantastic job in getting access to the Blackpool Dance Festival, which has long been a hidden and mysterious world to those not in the dancing community.

"In the programme we will get to witness some absolutely thrilling ballroom dancing, and go behind the scenes to see the stamina, hard work and dedication that it takes in order for these spectacular dancers to get to the top.”

Airs Monday 29th August at 8pm on BBC One.


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