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Your Home Made Perfect | Series 4 Preview (BBC Two)

Angela Scanlon is back to present a new series of Your Home Made Perfect - the only home makeover series that allows people to try before they buy.

The designers are back, using photo-real virtual reality technology and visual effects to pitch their dramatically bold ideas to families who have fallen out of love with their homes. In each episode the homeowners must choose just one of the architect’s groundbreaking visions to build in real life.

Episode 1: Yes and Has bought their 1920s semi in Enfield four years ago, wanting a family home to raise their two children. Despite a major renovation, they haven’t managed to inject their personality into their home and are struggling with the disconnected layout.

Taking on the challenge of redesigning this house are top architects Will Foster and Julian McIntosh. After investigating the problems, Julian thinks the key is to sort out the isolated kitchen, but Will is keen to dig deeper into the couple's style.

Will they go for Julian’s calming, minimalist design or Will’s pyramid ceiling? Your Home Made Perfect returns Tuesday 20th June at 8pm on BBC Two.


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