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In For A Christmas Penny | Preview (ITV1)

Stephen Mulhern is back with a festive special of the popular on the street game show In For A Penny, sprinkling lots of surprises on the unsuspecting Great British Public who will be challenged to take part in a series of hilariously silly games….All with a Christmas twist.

This time it was the residents of Peterborough who were the target of Stephen’s Christmas mayhem. Viewers will see games including Christmas Who Who, where they have to guess which famous face is hiding behind the Santa costume.

In Naughty or Nice our contestants will be faced with a host of Christmas presents with a difference, some will be filled with gravy whilst others will be filled with confetti. Find the confetti and they win a cash.

In the final round the public will have to play the iconic ‘stopwatch game’, but will they be able to hold their nerve to win the £1000 jackpot.

In For A Penny will air on ITV1 and ITVX.


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