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Wilderness With Simon Reeve | Preview (BBC Two)

Adventurer Simon Reeve journeys deep into the heart of some of Earth’s last great wild areas in a new landmark 4 x 60 minute series for the BBC Two and iPlayer: Wilderness with Simon Reeve.

On our increasingly crowded planet, there are still a few remote areas where nature has the upper hand: the last great wildernesses.

In this series, Simon Reeve attempts to journey across four of them, venturing further into the unknown than he ever has before, in a bid to unlock their secrets, and experience the natural world at its most beautiful and fragile.

Simon explores the Pacific Ocean’s spectacular Coral Triangle, Africa’s vast Congo Rainforest, the sweeping Kalahari desert, and the awe-inspiring landscape of Patagonia.

Along the way, Simon embeds himself with the people who make their homes in the wild, to understand how they live alongside nature, and what we can all do to preserve the planet’s greatest wonders for future generations.

Simon said: “These have been the most extraordinary journeys and expeditions I’ve ever undertaken. They were knackering, sweaty, draining, emotional, inspiring and occasionally scary. But always bloody brilliant.”

He added, “Our planet is sublimely beautiful. What an incredible wild home we still have to look after and celebrate. We travelled and trekked deep into some of our last great wilderness areas, to capture their beauty, meet the people who live there, and find some of the most spectacular wildlife on the planet, including giant whale sharks, pumas, and bonobos, perhaps our closest relatives.”

Jack Bootle, BBC Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual added: “Simon’s one of the most intrepid and entertaining adventurers on the planet, this series pushes him to his limits. He’s going further from the beaten track than ever and shining a light on some of our most precious habitats. There couldn’t be a more important time for this spectacular undertaking.”

Wilderness with Simon Reeve begins Sunday 21st January at 9pm on BBC Two.


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