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White Nanny, Black Child | Preview (Channel 5)

Channel 5 has commissioned a raw and heart-wrenching 90- minute documentary titled White Nanny Black Child. The film explores the unfamiliar and shocking story of unregulated fostering of black babies and children into white families across the UK and its resounding impact on all involved.

Over 70,000 West African children were fostered unofficially by white British families between 1955 and 1995, as their parents pursued dreams of a better life in Britain. White Nanny Black Child is a story of mass migration, parenting, childhood, identity, neglect, and abuse.

Produced by Doc Hearts and Tigerlily Productions, the film is set inside a safe therapeutic environment, where nine adults who were fostered as babies are invited to take part in a retreat under professional guidance.

The retreat is designed to encourage mental wellness and ignite a dialogue unlike any they’ve ever had. The retreat is led by two therapists who are experts in managing group dynamics and processing trauma in a holistic space. Through various activities, the contributors share their raw and revealing individual stories in a group setting that helps them overcome their experiences collectively.

In this tale of modern British history, White Nanny Black Child takes a deep dive into more personal stories of varying natures. The film follows the adults as they engage in various treatments on the retreat, allowing viewers to get immersed in their stories and feel as though they are experiencing each breath of what they lived through.

Adrian Padmore, Commissioning Editor, Factual for Channel 5 and Paramount+ says: “Doc Hearts is known for telling bold and authentic stories and that is what we wanted with White Nanny, Black Child...

"It’s a really heart-breaking story about modern day Britain which not many people know about, and one that we felt was extremely important to tell on our channel. We are both honoured and grateful to the contributors for taking part in the retreat and taking us along on their journey of healing.”

Executive Producer Andy Mundy-Castle says: "As a filmmaker of mixed Nigerian / British heritage this project has been a labour of love, with many twists and turns in which we are ultimately excited to have found a home on Channel 5...

"It speaks to the kind of content we are proudly known for and also showcases how brave Channel 5 have been in their trajectory over the recent years. We are stoked that this is a first in a partnership with the BFI Doc Society and cant wait for the world to see this very personal film."

White Nanny Black Child is commissioned by Adrian Padmore for Channel 5, and executive produced by Andy Mundy-Castle at Docs Hearts. The Producer is Natasha Dack Ojumu at Tigerlily Productions. It has been co financed by BFI Doc Society Fund.

Airs this October on Channel 5.


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