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Where Have All the Lesbians Gone | Preview (Channel 4)

What does it mean to be a lesbian in 2022? Why do many young women who are sexually attracted to other women prefer to identify as queer? What's wrong with the 'L' word? And why do some lesbians feel as if they are being erased from popular culture and social history?

Where Have All the Lesbians Gone looks at what some believe is one of the most difficult labels in Britain. In this topical and often funny film, lesbian director Brigid McFall works with lesbian photographer Vic Lentaigne to create a series of intimate and revealing interviews and portraits of a group of women and queer people to answer the show title's question.

Intercut with all the pop cultural packaging that lesbians get, from Brookside's infamous kiss to the 1968 film the Killing of Sister George, the interviewees range from a Mancunian butch poet to a Yorkshire dental nurse to a Geordie great-grandmother and comics Rosie Jones and Jen Brister.

Where Have All the Lesbians Gone airs Thursday 28th April at 10:30pm on Channel 4.

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