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Wedding Valley | Preview (W)

A brand new UKTV original series about the thriving wedding industry of Lancashire's stunning Ribble Valley.

The picturesque Ribble Valley in Lancashire has become a hotspot for weddings. With a stunning, rural backdrop, and a huge concentration and variety of wedding venues in one small area, it's attracted a thriving community of cake makers, florists, dress shops and stylists. This year is their busiest yet.

An established dairy farm-turned-ice-cream producer puts its reputation on the line, hoping to launch as a new venue. They have just six weeks to go from muddy field to festival-style reception venue for fiancés Alice and Jack. When there is still no tent and only nine days to go, in the grooms’ words, it’s “squeaky-bum time”.

Meanwhile, mother-and-daughter baking team Lindsey and Emily are gearing up for college sweethearts, Sarisha and Matthew’s wedding, and have given the couple the seemingly impossible task of deciding their cake flavours. And two of the longestrunning dress shops in the valley has one bride visiting both shops.

With a friendly but long-standing rivalry, both shops are hoping to clinch the sale. Wedding Valley begins Wednesday 12th April on W.


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