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Vinnie Jones In The Country | Preview (Discovery+)

Former Footballer Vinnie Jones fronts new series In The Country (6x60') for Discovery+, produced by Lime Pictures.

In the series, Vinnie Jones goes all-in on 147 acres of land in the South of England, embarking on a mission to transform his dilapidated West Sussex farm into a sustainable utopia.

The series will see Vinnie and family build, bond and banter as they look to the future of the estate, establishing new conservation methods and the reintroduction of species and building habitats to attract new wildlife.

Vinnie Jones said: "Most people know me as a professional footballer or Hollywood hardman, but what people probably don’t know is that all of that hard work has been to support my real passion: my home in the Great British countryside...

"I was brought up living off the fruits of the land and I can’t wait to show people at home the joy of the outdoors, the beauty of the British countryside, and the reward of good old fashioned hard work. Bring it on!"

Discovery's Clare Laycock said: "After decades on the football pitch and silverscreen, we are delighted to bring Vinnie Jones and this heart-warming new series to discovery+. Vinnie’s charisma, determination and fiery personality shine through in this series and viewers are going to love getting to know a surprising new side to this hard-as-nails footballer: a true country gentleman."

Vinnie Jones In The Country lands Monday 20th November on Discovery+.


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