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Vicky Pattison: Alcohol, Dad And Me | Preview (Channel 4)

In this raw and explosive documentary, Vicky Pattison confronts her relationship with alcohol and reveals the secrets of a troubled family past.

In her early 20s, Vicky Pattison made her name as the popular party girl on Geordie Shore, but she has also experienced first-hand the dark side of alcohol addiction.

Growing up, Vicky's dad was a functional alcoholic and Vicky is now around the same age as her dad was when his own addiction took hold.

Having watched herself on TV, Vicky has also seen the results that drinking alcohol has had on her own behaviour and freely admits that she doesn't like who she is when she's drunk.

Keen to find out all she can about how to keep herself healthy, Vicky speaks out about the devastating impact that addiction and alcohol has had on her and those around her.

Vicky Pattison: Alcohol, Dad And Me airs Tuesday 2nd August at 10pm on Channel 4.


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