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The Unofficial Science Of Indiana Jones | Preview (Sky Max)

This December Sky also brings The Unofficial Science of Indiana Jones which will see Greg James and Maisie Adam team up to take on family favourite, Indiana Jones.

Join the pair as they learn how to dodge poisonous darts, outrun giant boulders, and survive fireballs. Whilst both duos explore the stunts of the films, Alex Brooker returns to explore the sets and meet iconic cast members to hear their favourite memories.

Greg James said: “I spent most of my childhood completely obsessed with recreating special effects and stunts and as I’ve grown up, life got in the way of carrying this on. So, when Sky asked if I wanted to see how some of the most impressive and famous stunts in the history of cinema were made, I’ve never said “YES PLEASE” quicker. Maisie and I are going to have so much fun.”

Airs New Year's Day on Sky Max.


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