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Trump: The Return? | Preview (ITV1)

Award-winning ITV News correspondent Robert Moore takes the temperature as America begins an election year with former president Donald Trump in a significant lead in polling over incumbent Joe Biden, ahead of what he has described as his 'final battle.'

Never before has a former president been charged with federal and state crimes - even multiple attempts to keep him from the ballot.

Never before has a candidate conducted a campaign for the White House amid such charges. Never before has the country faced the possibility of an incoming president governing from jail.

Yet the man who has dominated and transformed American political life is convulsing and dividing the nation again and could become the next leader of the free world.

Robert has been covering American politics for 20 years and was ITV’s Washington Correspondent for Trump’s first term.

He saw the political fallout from Trump’s false stolen election claims and understood its impact on Trump’s faithful and an emboldened militia movement.

On 6 January 2020 Robert was at the heart of the most controversial and divisive event in modern American history, leading ITV's news team as the only crew embedded with the mob storming the Capitol. His shocking and visceral coverage went on to win more than 20 awards across the world.

Trump: The Last Stand airs Tuesday 16th January at 9pm on ITV1.


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