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Trawlermen: Hunting The Catch | Preview (BBC One)

This series charts the contrasting fortunes of British fishing boats over the course of one brutal week.

Each skipper must hunt the catch 24/7 if they are to earn a wage for themselves and their crew. It's the most dangerous job in Britain, and failure means risking your life for no reward.

In this episode, it’s the last trip before Christmas and, with demand surging, fish prices are rising. Off the south coast of Cornwall, Ocean Pride is heading out in pursuit of pollock among the old sunken shipwrecks of the English Channel.

380 miles away on the Yorkshire coast, crabber Tydus is preparing to head out with hopes of a big pay day. The aim is to put six tons in the tank, a catch that this week could fetch well over £30,000.

Off the south coast of Devon, Margaret of Ladram, one of Brixham’s most successful beam trawlers, is on the hunt for one of the most lucrative species in British waters, Dover sole.

Trawlermen: Hunting The Catch begins Tuesday 4th October at 8pm on BBC One.


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