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The Travelling Auctioneers | Series 2 Preview (BBC One)

Third generation farmer Alan is retiring, and with no-one to inherit the family farm, he’s selling up. Before the land can be sold, he needs to empty his farmhouse, four barns, and several outbuildings of furniture, heirlooms, and machines.

After 60 years of working the land and wrestling sheep, Alan is looking forward to spending more time with his family, and is hoping for a field day with his everything-must-go sale. Can he harvest enough cash to renovate an old cottage so his loved ones can visit him?

Auctioneer Christina Trevanion has just one day to separate the wheat from the chaff and find items worthy of going under her gavel. She gains some traction when she finds collectable vintage toys in the loft, Second World War gas masks in the bedroom and an unusual machine that could be worth a fortune in the hallway.

JJ goes whole hog on restoring a barn as he takes a huge risk on the rust - there’s a chance he could damage the object beyond repair. However, with Christina’s advice ringing in his ears, JJ handles a rare 1940s bell with kid gloves.

On auction day, everyone is hoping for good chimes when the old bell sells, but the unlikely star lot is the sole survivor of a bygone age on the farm…a sock making machine.

The Travelling Auctioneers returns Monday 8th January on BBC One.

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