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Too Good To Be True | Preview (Channel 5)

Kara Tointon and Allen Leech star in a gripping four-part psychological drama about a single mum on the breadline whose fortunes miraculously start looking up…

Rachel (Kara Tointon) is a single mum with a young son, Liam (Charlie Hodson-Prior). They’re on the poverty line, and Rachel works all hours of the day as a cleaner to provide for her boy.

One day, her boss is approached by a businesswoman, Simone (Sara Powell), who acts for an extremely wealthy client called Elliot (Allen Leech). Simone offers Rachel a new job: better pay, shorter hours. It sounds too good to be true…

Elliot is incredibly generous and welcoming to Rachel and Liam, giving them presents and showing Liam his vintage car collection. But as Rachel and Liam get further drawn into this seemingly perfect life, Elliot’s motives come into question. Is it Rachel or Liam that he’s interested in?

Sara Powell (The Killing Kind, The House Across the Street, Murder in Provence, Doctor Who) plays Simone, Elliot’s associate and Taj Atwal (Trying, Line of Duty, Hullraisers) is Jasmine.

Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer, UK at Paramount said: “I’m delighted to be working on another project with the talented team at Story Films. Equipped with a compelling script and stellar cast, Too Good To Be True is another exciting addition to our ever-growing Drama slate.”

Too Good To Be True launches Wednesday 14th February at 9pm on Channel 5.

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