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Titans Of Tech | Preview (Channel 4)

Channel 4 has commissioned BriteSpark Films to produce a 3 x 60’ documentary series lifting the lid on the lives of three tech revolutionaries who changed the world in new commission, Titans Of Tech (w/t).

With exclusive access to friends, former colleagues and insiders, the series deep dives into Silicon Valley and beyond to explore the inside story of three of the world’s richest men, all giants of the tech world.

From industry practices to company culture, charitable endeavours to challenges with governments, the series sets out to discover the truth behind the men inextricably linked to three of the world’s biggest and most iconic companies.

Episode 1: Ruthless but visionary, Bill Gates was the man who revolutionised tech. But after a remarkable transformation, he went on a mission to save the world. As part of a landmark series about the tech titans of Silicon Valley, this new Channel 4 documentary lifts the lid on one of the world's richest men.

With exclusive access to friends and insiders, it reveals new details about Bill Gates's charity empire, questions his business practices, and asks if the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is too powerful and unaccountable in the world of global health. Is Gates really the modern-day saint that the world thinks he is?

Tom Porter, Executive Producer at BriteSpark Films said: “This important and timely documentary series takes an in-depth look at three global figures with an immense power over our daily lives which is almost unparalleled in history.”

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Nevine Mabro commented: “This is an important and revealing series about the tech billionaires that shape our world. We explore how these men built their empires and talk to friends and insiders who reveal how they are both ruthless and visionary. We question the huge power and reach they have in our world – from social media to the economy and global health.”

Titans Of Tech begins Wednesday 15th February at 10pm on Channel 4.


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