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The Wheel | Series 4 Episode 4 Preview (BBC One)

Spinning back to BBC One, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel makes a welcome return on Saturday nights.

The smash-hit gameshow is packed with edge-of-your seat jeopardy, big laughs, huge stars and a colossal spinning Wheel. T

hree contestants hope to answer their way to a fortune, guided by seven celebrity experts - but can they help them to win life-changing cash? That all depends on the spin of The Wheel.

Celebrities on The Wheel tonight are: Big Narstie on Jamaica, Ellie Taylor on Breakfast, Frankie Bridge on Pop Music, Harry Judd on Drummers, Jonathan Ross on Movies, Richie Anderson on Traffic and Travel and Vogue Williams on Reality TV.

The Wheel continues Saturday at 8:30pm on BBC One.


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